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How can Base Company Assist you in a Tax-DeferRed Exchange?

l. Free one-on-one consultation to determine if an exchange is right for you

2.  Furnish attorney-drawn and approved 1031 documents required to consummate an exchange

3.  Provide 1031 documents that contain mandatory language for the relinquished and replacement closing attorney

4.  Instruct and work with the closing attorney on how the closing statement should read to adhere to 1031 regulations

5. Tax regulations impose that the taxpayers cannot have access or control over the proceeds; therefore as required by     the IRS, Base Company will open and maintain an escrow bank account for the exchange proceeds

6.  Assist in finding and selecting 1031 replacement property before deadlines expire

7.  If you are audited, Base Company will represent you as it relates to your exchange with no   additional fees

Base Company Exchange Fees

Base Company, Inc. charges a $750.00 tax-deductible fee for a simultaneous exchange.  A $750.00 tax-deductible fee for regular delayed exchanges, which includes one relinquished property and one replacement property.  For each additional replacement property purchased, an additional charge of $150.00 will be required after the initial acquisition and closing.

Reverse, Construction and Multi-Asset Exchanges

Qualified Intermediary fees along with Accommodation Title Holder fees will vary based on the size and complexity of the transaction.