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Why Choose Base Company?

  • First and foremost, Experience. We have facilitated exchanges since 1969 and to our knowledge no Base Company exchange has ever been disallowed by the IRS.  This level of experience is unmatched in Georgia.

  •  Second, Security. Your Funds Are Secure.  The closing attorney wire-transfers your funds into an FDIC-guaranteed escrow account set up for you.  When acquiring your replacement property, the funds are wired to your closing attorney.  No funds are withdrawn without the Exchangor’s written permission.


  • Third, Knowledge & Reputation.   We are proud to be a respected member of Georgia’s real estate industry for over 40 years.  David Thomas, Base Company president is a founding member of the Georgia Chapter Certified Commercial Investment Member and past president (CCIM) and an active member of the national organization Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA). David Thomas is a distinguished educator and has been as Dean of the Georgia Institute of Real Estate and Board of Governors.


  • Fourth, Confidential Service.  Base Company provides clients with unlimited private consultation to help you make the best choices to achieve maximum results and benefits from your real estate transaction.


  • Fifth and equally important, Protection.  With Base Company, your funds and private information are protected.

This website gives you additional information about Base Company and provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on a 1031 exchange.